That 10-Year Old Boy Inside Me

It intrigues me that events which occur to us when we’re young can affect us for the rest of our lives. I guess Freud made a pretty good living with this theory. And it is a recurring theme in my memoir, Immaculate Misconceptions: Tales of Catholic School. This idea also forms the basis for myContinue reading “That 10-Year Old Boy Inside Me”

Let’s Speculate!

Episode #57 of Audio Chimera contains the third episode of my audio drama series Kid Again, about a man who suddenly finds himself young again and back in high school. The series asks the question: What can he change about himself and his experiences that will make this time around more fun? Having been aContinue reading “Let’s Speculate!”

Season 5 of Audio Chimera

Season 5 includes new intro and outro music composed by John Rust; find him on YouTube as soundofrust.  This episode of Audio Chimera contains episode 2 of Kid Again, my audio drama series that debuted in AC episode 44. As you recall, Mike has suddenly found himself again at the age of 14 and backContinue reading “Season 5 of Audio Chimera”

Almost There…

I did some rearranging in the home office, and now have close to my professional mic set-up once again. This is in preparation for more Kid Again episodes as well as the last two episodes of Audio Chimera season 4. I’m currently editing episode 46: “Migration” (about immigration, but of course I range beyond that.)Continue reading “Almost There…”

That’s A Wrap! (On Episode #1)

Last summer I wrote an audio drama series called Kid Again. I then did a GoFundMe, and got some support, not enough to finish the project, but enough to get us started with the pilot, or Episode #1. We have now finished recording the parts for the first Episode, and the sound files are headedContinue reading “That’s A Wrap! (On Episode #1)”