No, Nyet, Nein!

How often do you say “no” to things that would interfere with your goals? I’d like to say I often say no to things that interfere with my goals. However, I must say that I often decide to do things that I think fit in with my goals, and they then turn out to beContinue reading “No, Nyet, Nein!”

More Creative Time

What do you wish you could do more every day? When I retired, people said, “But what will you do with all that free time?” This was, of course, a subtle way of suggesting that only working is a meaningful way to spend one’s life and that I’d be bored without standing in front ofContinue reading “More Creative Time”


What tattoo do you want and where would you put it? I’ve often said about tattoos: “I know what I’d get and where, I just don’t know why I would.” So the first part: the Eye of Horus, on my chest, just left of my heart. I have always liked the look of the EgyptianContinue reading “Tattoo?”

More on AI Creation

In my last blog post I talked about creating a video with various digital and AI tools. Here’s part two. I recently worked on creating some video scripts to continue the process of educating those interested in theatre; even though I’m retired, I still want to disseminate some info that I’ve gleaned over the years.Continue reading “More on AI Creation”

Lose Yourself in the Flow

What activities do you lose yourself in? When I am writing or working on making a film, I often experience the phenomenon of missing time, usually associated with alien abduction. (There are those aliens again!) But the one activity I have always lost myself in, while still being acutely aware of (the) time, has beenContinue reading “Lose Yourself in the Flow”

Play Post Mortem

How has a failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success? This post may not quite answer the prompt, but I’ll pretend I’m a politician and answer the question I want to. I’ve often linked my theatre production process to the scientific method. I’d come up with a hypothesis, which is my directorialContinue reading “Play Post Mortem”

Most Ambitious DIY

Describe the most ambitious DIY project you’ve ever taken on. I think, after years of refinishing furniture and building and staining bookshelves, my most ambitious DIY project would be creating a costume for a Steampunk Grim Reaper. I started with the base being an Australian drover’s coat, and added a skirt lol mask fronted byContinue reading “Most Ambitious DIY”

Faust: Ever Striving

My encounters with literature, whether dramatic or narrative, have been wide-ranging. From the briefest (the poems of Richard Brautigan, as tightly constructed as any haiku) to the epic works of Neal Stephenson and Thomas Pynchon (I read Gravity’s Rainbow three times), my reading list has been extensive. Of course I’ve only scratched the surface ofContinue reading “Faust: Ever Striving”

The Tale of Sherry Gale

Here’s a blog post that’s an attempt to drive up viewership of one of my YouTube videos. So: please watch! Backstory: I entered Second Life, the 3D interactive world, in 2006. A couple of colleagues mentioned it at a conference, saying it might be good for theatre performance. I checked it out, was quickly hooked,Continue reading “The Tale of Sherry Gale”

Karaoke? Kara-okay!

In a previous blog post, I promised to talk about karaoke. So here we are. My first encounter with karaoke occurred in a bar in Japantown, Seattle. I was visiting friends, and they thought it might be fun to go there. No one in our party sang because we would have been embarrassed to doContinue reading “Karaoke? Kara-okay!”