3 Books

List three books that have had an impact on you. Why? This is a difficult question. I have read so many books over the years that, to pick out only 3, seems silly. But I will try to limit myself. Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon. This tome blew my mind. Long-form storytelling. Repeated images. CrazyContinue reading “3 Books”

Favorite Childhood Book?

Do you remember your favorite book from childhood? Looking at this prompt, I find I am hard-pressed to remember any specific books from my childhood. I know I read a lot—a practice that would continue into my adolescence and early adulthood—including the Hardy Boys books, but I can’t pick out a singular volume. When thisContinue reading “Favorite Childhood Book?”

Indulge Me

I’ll be off on vacation for a few days, and so am preparing a few extra blog posts in case I don’t get around to the daily prompt. I was making a comment to someone else in a text today when I suddenly remembered something from my days in Catholic grade school. One of theContinue reading “Indulge Me”

The Perfect Blendship

What quality do you value most in a friend? The quality I most value in a friend is loyalty. That trait encompasses a variety of behaviors that I find accompanies a friendship: communication, concern, and care. I find myself occasionally falling down on these. While I think my loyalty is constant, sometimes I don’t communicateContinue reading “The Perfect Blendship”


What jobs have you had? Today’s prompt asks what jobs have I had. For the last 31 years, I was a college professor, teaching a variety of courses in Theatre, Mass Communication, Speech Communication, and English Literature. Not to mention creating a certificate program in Arts Entrepreneurship. But before the PhD—and even during my pursuitContinue reading “Jobs?”

Religion? Hell, No!

Do you practice religion? My title is a sarcastic one. It’s too bad this prompt came up now, since last week I wrote a post called “The Armor of Catholicism,” where I discussed how the religion of my childhood doesn’t fit any more. Do I follow moral principles of good behavior? Yes, and I thinkContinue reading “Religion? Hell, No!”

Life Before the Internet

Do you remember life before the internet? I do remember life before the internet. I spent many happy years there. And while I don’t think we should go back, there are some developments I do wish had never happened. When I first heard about it, the internet seemed to be full of promise. I thought,Continue reading “Life Before the Internet”

Directing. Plain and Simple.

What are you good at? Today’s prompt asks: “What are you good at?” And the extremely obvious answer is: directing in the theatre. I’ve always had a knack for it. When I am doing it, I reach that flow state they talk about, and time simultaneously speeds up and stops. I am fully focused onContinue reading “Directing. Plain and Simple.”

Having It All

What does “having it all” mean to you? Is it attainable? Is “having it all” attainable? Well, first, I think it means success in career and a happy home life, and checking off all the boxes on the bucket list. Incidentally, does anyone know where the term “bucket list” came from? I know there wasContinue reading “Having It All”