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Why Actors Are Scum

Right up front: I totally disagree with the title. But that has been a long-held belief by those not in entertainment. And so, as a follow-up to my last blog post, I wanted to delve a little more into why actors and theatre people have often been, according to an Ordinance by the British ParliamentContinue reading “Why Actors Are Scum”

From the Cabbage Patch

In Episode #55 I talk about working at Toys “R” Us. There’s a lot more detail there for another time, but I’d rather talk about my strange work history. Here are a few of the highlights. Some of my early jobs were gas station attendant (I lasted only three hours—really not my thing), and telemarketerContinue reading “From the Cabbage Patch”

The Ever-Growing CV

As I am quick to point out to everyone, I recently retired. But this doesn’t mean I have stopped doing things. I have mentioned before the online presentation for Nachtkritik. I also was asked to review a couple of journal articles (but apparently I was too soft; one was rejected and the other was returnedContinue reading “The Ever-Growing CV”

Push Button 2 Cross

In the summer of 2021, Latrobe, PA and Greensburg, PA suddenly had workmen everywhere, installing new crosswalk signs. I just saw them last week in Pittsburgh, PA as well. A quick look shows why I think they are a bit overkill: Seeing it, I was immediately reminded of the signs about how to wash yourContinue reading “Push Button 2 Cross”

When I’m 54…or 65…

This is the companion blog to Audio Chimera podcast episode number 54. It’s about my retirement, which happened at 65—in case you couldn’t figure out the title… I’ve heard about people who retire, and then they have nothing to do. Work was their entire life. They waste away and die. Not me. Now, as anContinue reading “When I’m 54…or 65…”


In  Podcast Episode #53, I talk about malapropisms. This term comes from Mrs. Malaprop, a character in  Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s 1775 play The Rivals. Another character says of her that she uses “words so ingeniously misapplied, without being mispronounced.” We have seen this with comedians, such as Norm Crosby. I used to show a RedContinue reading Malapropisms

Abandon Perfection

Buckle up: this is a long one. And it might be my TED Talk. People in my circle have often heard me assert this statement: Abandon perfection. You can never achieve perfection. But you can always strive for excellence. I have seen so many people trying to achieve the perfect result. Usually what happens isContinue reading “Abandon Perfection”


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