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Maybe I should call this entry “multitasking” but a) I do that all day long, and b) I tend to think of my projects as different tracks, like in GarageBand: one starts, one stops, another starts, and then sometimes they run concurrently. A few months ago, Greensburg and Latrobe, PA installed new traffic and crosswalkContinue reading “Multitracking”

Watchers of the Dawn

A few years back, I had an idea for a novel. Using two NaNoWriMos (National Novel-Writing Months) and some meeting with students about some of my ideas, I fleshed out the narrative. I had originally hoped to create a graphic novel, but writing the actual novel made more sense at the time. I had thenContinue reading “Watchers of the Dawn”

Collaboration is Key

I always say that the reason I love doing theatre is the chance to work with others in collaboration. I think I have some excellent and creative ideas, but when I work with others, the ideas get better. Case in point: working with a scenic designer. First of all, I should mention that I generallyContinue reading “Collaboration is Key”

Where Am I?

Or perhaps more importantly, where can you find my podcast? I always say, “Wherever you listen to podcasts,” but apparently I need to supply direct links. So here’s the latest episode, the pilot of Kid Again on iHeartRadio and iTunes. Apparently I’m still on Spotify but you need to subscribe, and I have no ideaContinue reading “Where Am I?”

Next Vine, Please…

I often liken Life to being Tarzan swinging on vines through the jungle. We’re going along fine, and then suddenly, there’s no immediate vine. Forward motion stops. We are suddenly acutely aware of the world, and how we’d perhaps not been paying as much attention to living as we had been. This past weekend, myContinue reading “Next Vine, Please…”


I recorded my own version of the opening of Dark Hamlet, my cutting of Shakespeare’s play. My original idea was that someone was injecting morphine, and the rest of the play was his hallucination. You can read more about it, including the script, the program of the show, and a show recording on my PlaysContinue reading “2Bornot2B”


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