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Travels and Travails

This is a short post before I go on the next excursion. I’m currently traveling abroad but should be returning before the next post. By then I can reflect on paying lots of money to pay for amazing things that turn out not to be so amazing. Look forward to that. Meanwhile, a preview: atContinue reading “Travels and Travails”

To Absent Friends

The title of this blog post is the same as my theme for my last DJ gig. It applies to people who are removed from us. My plan going forward for retirement is to have a blog post each week. This is this weeks’s post. And if you’re seeing it, it means I am anContinue reading “To Absent Friends”


As I close in on finishing episode 48 of my podcast, it occurs to me that perhaps I might be trying to do too much. I recall an article from a few years ago that suggested New Year’s resolutions should be about doing less, not doing more. And there is that famous advice in theContinue reading “Reduce!”

Fame? Why, Yes!

After months of prep and meetings, we did our presentations on our performances in ATHEMOO from back in the 1990s. You can watch the presentations here. For me the most gratifying part was not doing my presentation for an online audience, or even having it saved for posterity. Nor was it being recognized for workContinue reading “Fame? Why, Yes!”

Worst Birthday Gift Ever

My full post on Facebook was: “Thanks, Supreme Court…worst birthday gift ever.” They struck down Roe v. Wade on my birthday. I’m not sure what’s worse—that, or potential justices lying to Congress saying that they’d never do it. And it seems, constitutionally, there’s nothing to be done about it. At least on that level. IfContinue reading “Worst Birthday Gift Ever”


If I was a bad standup comedian, I would begin this blog post with: “Passwords, am I right?” We all have trouble with passwords. It’s bad enough when we mistype them, or can’t remember what they are, or have them in our books but can’t read what it says (or didn’t update the entry). Then,Continue reading “Wordpass”

And Then…

I forgot. It had been my intention to create a blog post every Monday, talking about my creative projects, the move into retirement, whatever was happening in my life. And then with all the preparation for a new patio area, I forgot. Fortunately, the mats we put down with the grass seed are in factContinue reading “And Then…”

Another Podcast?

A few years ago I was at a podcast conference, and someone said, “So when you start working on your second podcast…” I thought that was the craziest thing, because I barely had time for one podcast. And then, that evening I started formulating my second podcast. It was called “ALegUp4Caregivers,” reflecting once again myContinue reading “Another Podcast?”

Saw It? Dig It!

When playing the human rototiller for the garden prior to planting grass and making a relaxing spot for the new lawn furniture, I realized that I was emulating a character from a video I made a few years back. So I thought I’d include the photo, and a link to the video. And here’s theContinue reading “Saw It? Dig It!”

Where to…?

The latest episode of Audio Chimera is now available. #46: “Migration” briefly mentions changing operating systems and transmigration, and talks a little about computer dating and finding a new love, but the key topic is really immigration. Other than xenophobia, I’m uncertain why so many oppose immigration. As I state in the episode, it seemsContinue reading “Where to…?”


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