Digitize Me!

How has technology changed your job? I’m retired now, but technology continues to play a large part in what I do. I started using technology with HyperCard back in the 1990s. I used it to project my class notes on a screen. This was great because my handwriting has been on a long decline sinceContinue reading “Digitize Me!”

No, Nyet, Nein!

How often do you say “no” to things that would interfere with your goals? I’d like to say I often say no to things that interfere with my goals. However, I must say that I often decide to do things that I think fit in with my goals, and they then turn out to beContinue reading “No, Nyet, Nein!”

Wanted: Super Power X

What’s a secret skill or ability you have or wish you had? If could have any super power, what would it be? I have had dreams in which I flew and that seemed pretty cool. I considered reading other people’s minds might be fun, but I’ve seen some films that feature that and it oftenContinue reading “Wanted: Super Power X”

Even More AI

With all the discussion of ChatGPT and the use (or potential misuse) in academia, I decided to see how the software would fare with my old Intro to Theatre research paper assignment. The assignment was this: a student would choose a playwright, or more likely I would choose one for them, and then they wouldContinue reading “Even More AI”

That One Teacher

Who was your most influential teacher? Why? In my memoir, Immaculate Misconceptions: Tales of Catholic School, I talk about Sister Francis Borgia who gave me a direction to the arts and literature after the ineffective science teacher and the kreb cycle destroyed my potential career in science. Years later, I tried to find her toContinue reading “That One Teacher”

More Creative Time

What do you wish you could do more every day? When I retired, people said, “But what will you do with all that free time?” This was, of course, a subtle way of suggesting that only working is a meaningful way to spend one’s life and that I’d be bored without standing in front ofContinue reading “More Creative Time”


What tattoo do you want and where would you put it? I’ve often said about tattoos: “I know what I’d get and where, I just don’t know why I would.” So the first part: the Eye of Horus, on my chest, just left of my heart. I have always liked the look of the EgyptianContinue reading “Tattoo?”


What is one word that describes you? When I looked at the prompt for today, the first word that came to my mind, was “creative.” My mind is constantly rolling with new ideas, at least new to me. (We have been told that there is “nothing new under the sun.“) But my mind really neverContinue reading “Creative”

Compliments Complement!

What was the best compliment you’ve received? As I think about this question, I think there are two compliments that I received in my life that rise to the top. One was said directly to me, and the other I received secondhand. As an undergrad, I directed a show as a senior project. My motherContinue reading “Compliments Complement!”