More Creative Time

What do you wish you could do more every day? When I retired, people said, “But what will you do with all that free time?” This was, of course, a subtle way of suggesting that only working is a meaningful way to spend one’s life and that I’d be bored without standing in front ofContinue reading “More Creative Time”

Lose Yourself in the Flow

What activities do you lose yourself in? When I am writing or working on making a film, I often experience the phenomenon of missing time, usually associated with alien abduction. (There are those aliens again!) But the one activity I have always lost myself in, while still being acutely aware of (the) time, has beenContinue reading “Lose Yourself in the Flow”

AI-m I Right? AI-ght?

Intrigued by the sudden explosion of AI “products” (if that’s the right word), I decided to play around with some things, such as ChatGPT and DALL-E. And the results were…well, okay. Trying out ChatGPT followed my reading of an article about sci-fi magazines having a surge of AI-written short stories which, from what I couldContinue reading “AI-m I Right? AI-ght?”

More Equipment1

Where would you go on a shopping spree? A few years back a friend of mine asked: “What would make you truly happy?” And my answer, after only a brief moments reflection, was, “To make films.” I had started that process in high school, ad had put it aside for a career in the theatre.Continue reading “More Equipment1”

Me, Myself, and Aliens

Often, people have asked me: what is it with you and aliens? If you check out this webpage you might think I claim to have been abducted. This is totally untrue— I don’t think I was ever abducted by aliens. BUT! I love conspiracy theories…or at least I did until the whole QAnon nonsense triedContinue reading “Me, Myself, and Aliens”

The Tale of Sherry Gale

Here’s a blog post that’s an attempt to drive up viewership of one of my YouTube videos. So: please watch! Backstory: I entered Second Life, the 3D interactive world, in 2006. A couple of colleagues mentioned it at a conference, saying it might be good for theatre performance. I checked it out, was quickly hooked,Continue reading “The Tale of Sherry Gale”

Almost There…

There are 15 days until commencement: that’s my unofficial retirement date. The true date is at the end of the summer, 17 years from when I started. Meanwhile I head toward the end of the semester, waiting for overdue papers, papers that are still due, and a mountain of grading to get through before IContinue reading “Almost There…”


Maybe I should call this entry “multitasking” but a) I do that all day long, and b) I tend to think of my projects as different tracks, like in GarageBand: one starts, one stops, another starts, and then sometimes they run concurrently. A few months ago, Greensburg and Latrobe, PA installed new traffic and crosswalkContinue reading “Multitracking”