Audio Chimera Season 6!

I had some time to record the first three episodes of Season 6 of Audio Chimera: For these first three, I have returned to the scripted format that I used in past seasons. But, as luck would have it, I had an allergy attack earlier in the day. So if I don’t sound like I’mContinue reading “Audio Chimera Season 6!”

Me, Myself, and Aliens

Often, people have asked me: what is it with you and aliens? If you check out this webpage you might think I claim to have been abducted. This is totally untrue— I don’t think I was ever abducted by aliens. BUT! I love conspiracy theories…or at least I did until the whole QAnon nonsense triedContinue reading “Me, Myself, and Aliens”

Friendships #2

BFFs? I know a guy! In fact, five of them. I mention them in Audio Chimera Episode #61: the friend group that grew out of a theatre production. Early in my teaching career at Penn State Hazleton (1993 to be exact), I directed Joe Orton’s What the Butler Saw—with the production being an outgrowth ofContinue reading “Friendships #2”

Let’s Speculate!

Episode #57 of Audio Chimera contains the third episode of my audio drama series Kid Again, about a man who suddenly finds himself young again and back in high school. The series asks the question: What can he change about himself and his experiences that will make this time around more fun? Having been aContinue reading “Let’s Speculate!”

Why Actors Are Scum

Right up front: I totally disagree with the title. But that has been a long-held belief by those not in entertainment. And so, as a follow-up to my last blog post, I wanted to delve a little more into why actors and theatre people have often been, according to an Ordinance by the British ParliamentContinue reading “Why Actors Are Scum”

From Terminally Shy to “Watch Me!”

In Episode #56, I try to find an explanation for how someone (me), who exhibited what I have called “terminal shyness” (see Immaculate Misconceptions, page 16, where I explain why I don’t sing in public), can transform into a college professor of performing arts who has presented at national and international conferences and who hasContinue reading “From Terminally Shy to “Watch Me!””

From the Cabbage Patch

In Episode #55 I talk about working at Toys “R” Us. There’s a lot more detail there for another time, but I’d rather talk about my strange work history. Here are a few of the highlights. Some of my early jobs were gas station attendant (I lasted only three hours—really not my thing), and telemarketerContinue reading “From the Cabbage Patch”

Independent-Thinking Scholar

At conferences, I would sometimes see the title, “Independent Scholar” and, in my snobby way, I would think, “Well, that person can’t find a real job.” Of course, maybe they chose that route. The title of this blog post suggest a scholar who thinks independently of what he or she has been taught. In myContinue reading “Independent-Thinking Scholar”

Podcasts 51 and 52 Part 2

In my previous blog entry I talked about podcast episodes number 51 and 52. Here is a postscript to one aspect of that story. In episode 51 I talked a bit about the comprehensive exams. For those, we were placed in a room for four days, three hours each day, and were expected to writeContinue reading “Podcasts 51 and 52 Part 2”