Fame? Why, Yes!

After months of prep and meetings, we did our presentations on our performances in ATHEMOO from back in the 1990s. You can watch the presentations here. For me the most gratifying part was not doing my presentation for an online audience, or even having it saved for posterity. Nor was it being recognized for workContinue reading “Fame? Why, Yes!”

Another Podcast?

A few years ago I was at a podcast conference, and someone said, “So when you start working on your second podcast…” I thought that was the craziest thing, because I barely had time for one podcast. And then, that evening I started formulating my second podcast. It was called “ALegUp4Caregivers,” reflecting once again myContinue reading “Another Podcast?”

Where to…?

The latest episode of Audio Chimera is now available. #46: “Migration” briefly mentions changing operating systems and transmigration, and talks a little about computer dating and finding a new love, but the key topic is really immigration. Other than xenophobia, I’m uncertain why so many oppose immigration. As I state in the episode, it seemsContinue reading “Where to…?”

Almost There…

I did some rearranging in the home office, and now have close to my professional mic set-up once again. This is in preparation for more Kid Again episodes as well as the last two episodes of Audio Chimera season 4. I’m currently editing episode 46: “Migration” (about immigration, but of course I range beyond that.)Continue reading “Almost There…”

Cleaning Up/Out

This weekend, I had two dreams about cleaning out my school/campus office. This comes right after I did in fact clean out my most recent campus office. Was it a bittersweet moment leaving it behind? Actually, no; it was just another step towards retirement. Although the actual process of cleaning out my office took severalContinue reading “Cleaning Up/Out”

Which of These Things Is Not Like the Other?

So I “unofficially” started my retirement yesterday—May 1! May Day! And yet it somehow doesn’t seem exactly real, for a few reasons. First of all, my official retirement date is August 31, the real 17-years-after-starting cut-off date. Also, I haven’t begun the whole medicare, social security, and pension dance yet. But finally, the real reasonContinue reading “Which of These Things Is Not Like the Other?”