Worst Birthday Gift Ever

My full post on Facebook was: “Thanks, Supreme Court…worst birthday gift ever.” They struck down Roe v. Wade on my birthday. I’m not sure what’s worse—that, or potential justices lying to Congress saying that they’d never do it. And it seems, constitutionally, there’s nothing to be done about it. At least on that level. IfContinue reading “Worst Birthday Gift Ever”

Saw It? Dig It!

When playing the human rototiller for the garden prior to planting grass and making a relaxing spot for the new lawn furniture, I realized that I was emulating a character from a video I made a few years back. So I thought I’d include the photo, and a link to the video. And here’s theContinue reading “Saw It? Dig It!”

Cleaning Up/Out

This weekend, I had two dreams about cleaning out my school/campus office. This comes right after I did in fact clean out my most recent campus office. Was it a bittersweet moment leaving it behind? Actually, no; it was just another step towards retirement. Although the actual process of cleaning out my office took severalContinue reading “Cleaning Up/Out”

Which of These Things Is Not Like the Other?

So I “unofficially” started my retirement yesterday—May 1! May Day! And yet it somehow doesn’t seem exactly real, for a few reasons. First of all, my official retirement date is August 31, the real 17-years-after-starting cut-off date. Also, I haven’t begun the whole medicare, social security, and pension dance yet. But finally, the real reasonContinue reading “Which of These Things Is Not Like the Other?”

Almost There…

There are 15 days until commencement: that’s my unofficial retirement date. The true date is at the end of the summer, 17 years from when I started. Meanwhile I head toward the end of the semester, waiting for overdue papers, papers that are still due, and a mountain of grading to get through before IContinue reading “Almost There…”

The Crush Is On

I am retiring at the end of this semester of teaching. People inevitably have two questions: 1) What will you do after retirement? and 2) Are you counting down the days? The first question is often asked with a slight negativity infused into it. I am a college professor; how could I possibly consider leavingContinue reading “The Crush Is On”