No, Nyet, Nein!

How often do you say “no” to things that would interfere with your goals? I’d like to say I often say no to things that interfere with my goals. However, I must say that I often decide to do things that I think fit in with my goals, and they then turn out to beContinue reading “No, Nyet, Nein!”

That One Teacher

Who was your most influential teacher? Why? In my memoir, Immaculate Misconceptions: Tales of Catholic School, I talk about Sister Francis Borgia who gave me a direction to the arts and literature after the ineffective science teacher and the kreb cycle destroyed my potential career in science. Years later, I tried to find her toContinue reading “That One Teacher”


What tattoo do you want and where would you put it? I’ve often said about tattoos: “I know what I’d get and where, I just don’t know why I would.” So the first part: the Eye of Horus, on my chest, just left of my heart. I have always liked the look of the EgyptianContinue reading “Tattoo?”


What is one word that describes you? When I looked at the prompt for today, the first word that came to my mind, was “creative.” My mind is constantly rolling with new ideas, at least new to me. (We have been told that there is “nothing new under the sun.“) But my mind really neverContinue reading “Creative”

AI-m I Right? AI-ght?

Intrigued by the sudden explosion of AI “products” (if that’s the right word), I decided to play around with some things, such as ChatGPT and DALL-E. And the results were…well, okay. Trying out ChatGPT followed my reading of an article about sci-fi magazines having a surge of AI-written short stories which, from what I couldContinue reading “AI-m I Right? AI-ght?”

eBook Week!

I haven’t posted any blog entries lately because I’ve been too busy with my online production of Dark Hamlet. More about this very soon. For now, however, I wanted to mention: e-book week! Smashwords runs promotions on occasion, and this is one of them. For this week, my ebooks (and many others!) are discounted, someContinue reading “eBook Week!”

Alter Egos (1)

I am creating separate pages for each of my alter egos, and have finished the one for Phorkyad Acropolis, my avatar in Second Life. He is my best known AE, having been photographed and profiled in a variety of articles and publications, near and far. The page features background on how I named him, andContinue reading “Alter Egos (1)”

The Poetry Page

I’ve just added the poetry page to the site. So much of my time has been spent writing poems and songs, I’m a little amazed I only have three volumes out there! Of course, several of them can be found as performance pieces on my youtube channel (often with Prof. SteveO as the performer—I’ve onlyContinue reading “The Poetry Page”