Job? What Job?

What’s a job you would like to do for just one day?

I recently retired from academia after 31 years of teaching. I found my life as a university professor fulfilling overall, with minor exceptions for policy changes that entered into the equation over the years, and for a decline in both enrollments and student abilities that occurred during that time frame.

But if I could jump into one job for a day, what would it be? I often thought if I had a second lifetime, or a clone, I’d be interested in politics. That thought has certainly soured in recent years. And dealing with people with problems eliminates roles as doctor and attorney. Also, after being a college professor, I don’t think anything other than such a cerebral job would be enjoyable.

Then again, I always return to an earlier idea for a career: Hollywood film director. I assume the production assistants, cinematographers, etc, would be there to keep me on track, since directing a movie is different than directing a theatre production. Yet it would be fun to have that role for a day.

Having said that, I have on my calendar two days of short film shooting scheduled for this month. So I get some wish fulfillment (outside of Hollywood) and a chance for creative expression!

What job would you flirt with if you had the chance? Or what do you aspire to, that you could still do and still want to pursue? Let me know in the comments, and as always, please like and follow!

Published by stephenschrum

Associate Professor of Theatre Arts; interested in virtual worlds, playwrighting, and filmmaking. Now creating a podcast called "Audio Chimera."

One thought on “Job? What Job?

  1. Oh yeah! I like this one. For one day? CapMetro driver. I also make it a point to thank them and cry %80 of the time cause they are superheroes to me. Jet pilot for a day would fucking rock. Right now I just want to write more audio scripts and start a team of voice actors. Fingers crossed that I break into Netflix as a Voice Actor.

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