Let’s Get Social

How do you use social media?

My first response to today’s prompt is: I guess, not that well? I have some followers on a couple of social media accounts, but to be honest they are following me either because I know them personally (Instagram: audiochimera) or because they are following my cats (TikTok: @audiochimera). Or they blindly accepted my Facebook friend request (Stephen Schrum).

Attending to one’s social media can be a full time job, and some days I barely have time to delete my scammy spammy emails, check out the New York Times (with mini-crossword), and play a game or two before my non-social media day begins. And this is in retirement!

It does seem I’m doing something right; the number of followers for these blog posts continues to rise (slowly); so expect to continue to see me writing to these prompts in the hope of entertaining you, my loyal followers.

Also expect to be hearing a lot more in the coming weeks about the new theatre/performance group we’re starting. I’ve been doing research on what the best days are to post for various social media, and will be putting a schedule together for that. You may be seeing a lot more soon, and I hope you will comment, like, and subscribe everywhere you can—linktree coming soon!

Published by stephenschrum

Associate Professor of Theatre Arts; interested in virtual worlds, playwrighting, and filmmaking. Now creating a podcast called "Audio Chimera."

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