Paperwork and Paperweights

The preparation for the show continues; I have created the beginnings of my prompt book, which I believe is a necessary part of pre-production for any director. I also created the rough rehearsal schedule, a character breakdown—which shows what characters are on which pages (it’s a small cast in a farce so by Act IIIContinue reading “Paperwork and Paperweights”

Not an Endless Summer…

The summer of 2021 has been all about cleaning out a house and a garage, arranging a tool sale, and doing other online selling. Now, however, thoughts turn to a last minute vacation and, immediately following, the start of a new semester and academic year. Notably, I will retire at the end of this year,Continue reading “Not an Endless Summer…”

The Play’s The Thing

I’ve worked with WordPress before, but am re-learning how to post items in new pages. Case in point: The Plays page, with links to some of my self-published plays along with some free plays for perusal. A couple of the links go to my old website which is woefully outdated (for example, a link toContinue reading “The Play’s The Thing”