Musical Fruits?

List your top 5 favorite fruits.

Today’s prompt, following others that suggest life-changing decisions or everyday heroes, seems like apples to their oranges. But I’ll bite.

Let’s start with A for apples. I prefer the red kind because, as we know, God didn’t make little green apples, and it don’t rain in Indianapolis in the summer time. Lyrics also tell us that it also never rains in Southern California, so maybe in the age of Global Warming we need to revise some songs.

I also like oranges, including the little mandarins. I used to slice the larger ones with a knife, but have since learned how to peel them with my fingers. Two mandarins make for a nice quick snack.

As a kid I ate canned fruit, but I’m no longer a fan; I prefer fresh fruit. Occasionally we get a pineapple and I drill down with the special pineapple tool to excavate the meat.

I used to eat a banana a day, but stopped for awhile, as an experiment, but I just tossed a peel away since I decided I should eat them regularly again. On the lighter side, see below for a banana peel I discarded last winter.

Finally, I occasionally had kiwi fruit in restaurants as part of a salad bar, but never really liked them much. A few months ago, I tried a fresh one, and it was amazing. Very tasty! So now they are a part of my regular fruit line-up.

I threw the peel outside because it was too damn cold and showy to step out to the trash can. This peel also found it to be very cold.

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One thought on “Musical Fruits?

  1. Yummy! I actually prefer sour apples. Strawberries are nice. Tomatoes might fit the bill when it comes to sandwiches and migas. Sandia (Watermelon) is a tradition on hot days. I enjoy a good plum or peach. The list goes on.

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