When I’m 54…or 65…

This is the companion blog to Audio Chimera podcast episode number 54. It’s about my retirement, which happened at 65—in case you couldn’t figure out the title…

I’ve heard about people who retire, and then they have nothing to do. Work was their entire life. They waste away and die.

Not me.

Now, as an added wrinkle in my defiance, my title was Associate Professor of Theatre Arts. Note the caps. I have transitioned to retired college professor; all small letters, you notice.

However: If we think of my academic career as Act One (and since I’m a theatre person, that seems to be a valid way of looking at it), then the curtain is going up on Act Two. And what is the action of this part of the play?

In my almost 45 year career in Theatre, I’ve directed 88 plays. My career goal is (at least) 100, so I have a few to go. How do I get there?

I’m currently working with a former student/now friend in fully implementing the business plan (first conceived as his senior capstone project) for a non-profit organization called Artistic Prosperity. Right now we’re in the planning stages to find a “starter theater” (maybe even a storefront), and begin a variety of programming:

  • Public domain and original plays
  • Live music and open mic nights
  • Art installations
  • Storytelling evenings
  • Classes in acting, playwrighting, etc

We believe strongly in the art of the storyteller, and we think that storytelling will likely be the basis for and help us in determining the name and brand of the company.

We need to reconstitute the board of directors and create a community board, and solicit some Angel Investors. If you are interested or so inclined, please drop a contribution of any size into Artistic Prosperity’s PayPal (see below). Our accountant will make sure it goes to the right place.

And stay tuned for more on my Act Two!

Some key links for the podcast episode:

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Associate Professor of Theatre Arts; interested in virtual worlds, playwrighting, and filmmaking. Now creating a podcast called "Audio Chimera."

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