The reason, or excuse, that I’ve been giving for the lack of new podcast episodes has been: time. The last semester of my teaching career has been incredibly busy. But now, as retirement creeps in, I get to have that one valuable resource that I’ve needed for so long.

Currently, though, I have no good recording space. My equipment is mostly in a footlocker, in various pieces. Yesterday, though, I began excavating a space on the desk for my microphone and Scarlett box. I don’t really need those teaching folders anymore, so let’s put a mic stand there!

The next step is to find the script for an episode dealing with pronouns that I began writing a few months ago, and can easily swing back into it. I should have that… Soon?

Also, as a person into to-do lists, one of my items is to go through my Gmail and find all those emails I sent to myself about podcast episode topics. often I would pick up something on the drive to work, and call my GoogleVoice number and leave myself a message. Once I get those ideas together, I will hopefully begin recording podcast episodes on a more regular basis. Watch this space for more!

Published by stephenschrum

Associate Professor of Theatre Arts; interested in virtual worlds, playwrighting, and filmmaking. Now creating a podcast called "Audio Chimera."

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