What public figure do you disagree with the most?

If I wrote a certain name here, in answer to this prompt, I would probably create a storm of attacks and criticism. So, rather than talk about a current figure I disagree with the most, I’m going to go slightly historical.

Ross Perot was a businessman who ran for president back in the 1990s. He seemed to think that because he was a successful businessman, he knew best how to fix the country. In fact, in one debate performance—or maybe it was an interview?— when he was asked to explain his plans, he just kept saying, “Just fix it! ‘Nuff said!” (At least that’s what my recollection is.)

Now, the scary thing is, as I examine his political views on his Wikipedia page, it looks like I did agree with him on some points. It turns out he was pro-choice and pro-gun control, and thought the wealthy should be taxed.

But all I remember is his poor debate performance/answers. If you’re running for office, you need to have a real plan, not just say, “I’m going to fix it, I’m the only one with the knowledge to do so, and it’s a great plan, you’ll see.” If I want empty promises, I’ll keep talking to those ridiculous scammers who text me with, “Hi, John, this is Lisa, we met last year in LA?”; then they apologize for bothering me and aren’t I understanding, and could “she” have my WhatsApp number?

So scammers and lots of bluster with empty promise. Any idea who I might be making a metaphoric reference to?

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