Positive Change

Describe one positive change you have made in your life.

For years I ate what I felt like at the time. Today is Chipotle day! Let’s go with a friend to Red Robin! I feel like pizza!

I also didn’t like looking in the mirror and seeing the growing gut. I know it’s typical; “middle-aged spread,” “dad-bod,” whatever phrase is applicable at the time. But it’s not pleasant or healthy.

So with the help of my partner, I have been eating healthier. More salads, less fat, more fish. I have watched the pounds fade away and, even though I still need to lose more pounds and inches, I’m well on the way to hitting my target weight. And with the arrival of Spring, I’m trying to walk as much as possible.

I must be ever vigilant, though. This past Easter was hard, especially on Easter Monday when I saw the shopping basket of Reese’s peanut butter eggs at half price. Those things are like crack to me. I slowed, I paused, but I kept walking. But that was tempting!

Published by stephenschrum

Associate Professor of Theatre Arts; interested in virtual worlds, playwrighting, and filmmaking. Now creating a podcast called "Audio Chimera."

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