Episode #50!

First of all, a milestone: I’ve made it to podcast episode number 50!

Secondly, I’m trying something a little different this season. Besides featuring new intro and outro music from composer John Rust (check out his compositions at soundofrust on YouTube) and presenting more episodes of my audio drama series Kid Again (heard on episodes 44 and 49), I’m streamlining my approach to recording by relying less on scripted material and…just talking. In this episode, the three examples of what I am a poster person for were recorded when I had a few free moments (even while retired it’s sometimes hard to sit down and record a whole episode) and then edit it into the larger podcast. You can usually tell when this happens by a change in audio quality. And more ums…

As far as being a poster person, I saw the term “poster child” somewhere on the web and wondered about the origin of the term. It turns out it began with polio. People back then believed in science and vaccines! And so the posters of children won a lot of hearts and minds.

This got me thinking: what would I be the poster person for? I immediately thought of three health issues that I very much have knee-jerk responses to. If people say to me, “I will never get a colonoscopy!” I will tell them without pause why they need to get one. Probably with too much information. (And it’s happened often enough that it probably seems scripted, ironically enough!)

But I think everyone needs to be very aware of these three medical issues, and to be vigilant in case they’re experiencing any of the problems mentioned herein.

So please take a listen here, and find out what the other two medical issues are.

Also, I would love to see some “fan art” so feel free to Photoshop me into posters for any of these issues. I’ll be happy to share them on all my social media; find them all at http://linktr.ee/stephenschrum.

The landscape of an alien planet? No. Rather a clue to another of the health issues. This is the top of my head after the dermatologist froze some pre-cancerous spots with liquid nitrogen.

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Associate Professor of Theatre Arts; interested in virtual worlds, playwrighting, and filmmaking. Now creating a podcast called "Audio Chimera."

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