Maybe I should call this entry “multitasking” but a) I do that all day long, and b) I tend to think of my projects as different tracks, like in GarageBand: one starts, one stops, another starts, and then sometimes they run concurrently.

A GarageBand window (the music for In the Refrigerator)

A few months ago, Greensburg and Latrobe, PA installed new traffic and crosswalk lights. When the signs for the crosswalks were first uncovered, I thought, “Wow, that seems complicated; or is it the inspiration for the sequel to Wash Hands, Save Lives?

The instructions for using the buttons, which seem a bit complicated…

The more I thought about it, the more I realized it was the sequel—or perhaps the prequel! (You’ll see why with the final film.) I began outlining the new film in my head. And when I had a solid idea, I contacted my actors from WHSL? to see if they were game. They were, and we added another zombie. With Cletus, John, Alicia, and Ryan on board, and having my Joyce agree to be part of it, we set a day to meet and do the major filming.

After arriving, Zombie Alicia (who had prepared herself and Ryan before coming) applied the zombie makeup to John, starting with the large gash made from latex and paper towels.

After a brief run-through of the action, we went to the intersection I had scouted. It had seemed ideal, but for some reason Latrobe was full of cars that Sunday; we were constantly stopping for traffic. At Joyce’s suggestion we moved back a block, where there was still some traffic, but less. And there were also some bushes behind which the zombies could hide (as one surprised pedestrian discovered at one point).

We did a series of takes, with some long shots and then a couple of close-ups, including the loss of a thumb by the one zombie. Some inserts shots, and then we sent the zombies home. I still needed some shots of Cletus walking around town (a sort of Latrobe travelogue), and after that, it was a wrap on shooting.

Now to put it together in the editing….

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Associate Professor of Theatre Arts; interested in virtual worlds, playwrighting, and filmmaking. Now creating a podcast called "Audio Chimera."

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