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In my play, Aliens! 3 Miles, Turn Left, The Man plans to open a roadside showplace, and–though his thought processes might be skewed–he does understand the importance of merchandising! “That’s where the real money is. ‘I Visited the Aliens’ T-shirts, caps, mugs, key-rings, bumper-stickers, everything. I start ordering all this stuff, thinking Pat won’t mind, since we’re going to be rich real soon.”

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On Friendships

My first podcast of the new year and of the new season (#6) will be on friendship. It will contain some musings on how to make friends, as well as some specific friendships that I had over the years. And I should mention, all three have ended. Having friends is very important, especially if you…

The Tale of Sherry Gale

Here’s a blog post that’s an attempt to drive up viewership of one of my YouTube videos. So: please watch! Backstory: I entered Second Life, the 3D interactive world, in 2006. A couple of colleagues mentioned it at a conference, saying it might be good for theatre performance. I checked it out, was quickly hooked,…

That 10-Year Old Boy Inside Me

It intrigues me that events which occur to us when we’re young can affect us for the rest of our lives. I guess Freud made a pretty good living with this theory. And it is a recurring theme in my memoir, Immaculate Misconceptions: Tales of Catholic School. This idea also forms the basis for my…

Karaoke? Kara-okay!

In a previous blog post, I promised to talk about karaoke. So here we are. My first encounter with karaoke occurred in a bar in Japantown, Seattle. I was visiting friends, and they thought it might be fun to go there. No one in our party sang because we would have been embarrassed to do…


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