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In my play, Aliens! 3 Miles, Turn Left, The Man plans to open a roadside showplace, and–though his thought processes might be skewed–he does understand the importance of merchandising! “That’s where the real money is. ‘I Visited the Aliens’ T-shirts, caps, mugs, key-rings, bumper-stickers, everything. I start ordering all this stuff, thinking Pat won’t mind, since we’re going to be rich real soon.”

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Cleaning Up/Out

This weekend, I had two dreams about cleaning out my school/campus office. This comes right after I did in fact clean out my most recent campus office. Was it a bittersweet moment leaving it behind? Actually, no; it was just another step towards retirement. Although the actual process of cleaning out my office took severalContinue reading “Cleaning Up/Out”


The reason, or excuse, that I’ve been giving for the lack of new podcast episodes has been: time. The last semester of my teaching career has been incredibly busy. But now, as retirement creeps in, I get to have that one valuable resource that I’ve needed for so long. Currently, though, I have no goodContinue reading “Soon…soon…”


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