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In my play, Aliens! 3 Miles, Turn Left, The Man plans to open a roadside showplace, and–though his thought processes might be skewed–he does understand the importance of merchandising! “That’s where the real money is. ‘I Visited the Aliens’ T-shirts, caps, mugs, key-rings, bumper-stickers, everything. I start ordering all this stuff, thinking Pat won’t mind, since we’re going to be rich real soon.”

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Episode #50!

First of all, a milestone: I’ve made it to podcast episode number 50! Secondly, I’m trying something a little different this season. Besides featuring new intro and outro music from composer John Rust (check out his compositions at soundofrust on YouTube) and presenting more episodes of my audio drama series Kid Again (heard on episodesContinue reading “Episode #50!”

Am I Dreaming?

I’ve always been very fond of dreaming. I think of it a little bit like a drug. Of course I don’t like the ones that involve home invasion, which are the scary ones that wake me up in a cold sweat. But generally my dreams are fascinating and I think a translucent window into myContinue reading “Am I Dreaming?”

Oberammergau: The Review!

I mentioned Oberammergau in a previous post about my cruise experience; here’s some extra info. Back in a theatrical history course early in my theatre days I heard about Oberammergau: to avoid being decimated by the Black Plague, the townspeople pledged to perform the Passion Play every ten years (starting in 1634). They followed thatContinue reading “Oberammergau: The Review!”


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