Concert? Oh Well…

So I’m a bit bummed out. I discovered that one of my favorite bands of all time, Riverside, is coming to Pittsburgh. And I would love to go. The timing works out great. They probably even have parking at the venue. But I checked one important thing: standing room.

A few years ago I attended a concert by Porcupine Tree at Mr. Smalls in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, I really couldn’t stand for very long. In fact, at one point I needed to go and sit down because I was becoming lightheaded. I realized I was starting to get too old for this!

I also recall the time when my friend, John Teacher, and I went to a Within Temptation concert in Philadelphia. We had the chance to upgrade to seats in the upstairs area. This was great for three reasons. One was that we got to sit down, and two, we had easy access to a restroom and less busy bar. The third was that some large, sweaty, shirtless guy decided he was going to create a mosh pit in the front of the stage, and that would’ve been even more unpleasant for us.

John and I also attended a Nightwish concert at the Agora in Cleveland. I would’ve enjoyed the concert more except for the sing-along aspect (mentioned in another blog post) and also because we had to stand in the venue after a long time standing in the parking lot waiting to get in. Luckily, John had selected a place for us behind a ledge so we could lean against it or sit on it, and rest after the opening act.

I also had to take a break during Kamelot when they played in Columbus, Ohio. These are bands I would have really enjoyed seeing, if not for being woozy on my feet, feeling my age, and thinking I was going to pass out.

I had a chance to see Riverside a few years back at ROSfest, but because of various factors I didn’t make it. They then were supposed to come to Pittsburgh to the Hard Rock Cafe, but then switched to Toronto instead. When I saw the ad for this concert, I thought, “Great! Now’s my chance!” but I guess not. My feet are no longer capable of such an endurance test. I understand that you can pack more people in when standing but this older man is staying home.

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Associate Professor of Theatre Arts; interested in virtual worlds, playwrighting, and filmmaking. Now creating a podcast called "Audio Chimera."

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