With over 40 years experience in theatre, having directed nearly 100 plays and musicals, having written several one-acts, full-length plays, and musicals, and having taught for three decades—I bring a wealth of knowledge for training others.

Directing Workshops

I wrote this short book to give beginning directors some tips on improving their staging. The tips arose from the so-called “Schrum Rules” I shout out during rehearsals. Applications of these “rules” can lead to more effective staging.

Buy the book, and check it out. Or bring me to your campus or community theatre for a hands-on workshop. Contact me at

Online Playwrighting Course

I’ve taught Playwrighting and Screenwriting at several universities, and, in addition to having a couple of my plays and monologues performed by others, I’ve staged my own plays. From the standpoint of a director who insists on a solid script, I believe that my skills as a playwright are strong. And I hope that my skills as an educator will work to help you develop your own playwrighting skills through this online environment.

Learn more about the course, and see if you might be interested!

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