Online Playwrighting Course Intro

Thanks for taking a look at my online playwrighting course. I’ve taught Playwrighting and Screenwriting at several universities, and in addition to having a couple of my plays and monologues performed by others, I’ve staged my own plays. From the standpoint of a director who insists on a solid script, I believe that my skills as a playwright are strong. And I hope that my skills as an educator will work to help you develop your own playwrighting skills through this online environment.

Now, first of all, what this course WON’T do:

  1. It won’t put you in the pipeline for Broadway or LA;
  2. It won’t make you a professional playwright
  3. It won’t enable you to immediately quit your job to become a full-time writer

However, what this course CAN help you to do is:

  1. Work on some skills that will make you a better playwright or screenwriter;
  2. Develop some techniques for writing scripts;
  3. Allow you to develop techniques to write more effective dialogue, stage directions, and written and visual storytelling.

This course contains 6 short lessons, each of which gives you some background material for the 6 assignments. When you submit an assignment, I will read it, and provide If this sounds like something you’d like to pursue, send an email to, or use this link. Once you’ve submitted your payment, I’ll give you the link to the lessons so you can get started on your path to better writing!

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