In addition to teaching playwrighting in a university classroom setting and offering an online playwrighting course, I have some plays available for production.

Two monologues from my plays have been anthologized, and the one from Aliens, 3 Miles, Turn Left has been performed on 5 continents.

Here are some links to scripts.

Two Plays About Aliens

This volume contains Aliens! 3 Miles, Turn Left
and Abducted!, part of my (still) in- progress
tetralogy of plays about aliens. The scripts are
available on Smashwords.

In Aliens! a man returns home to find aliens
in his backyard. In Abducted!, a detective
investigates a woman’s claim that aliens
took her children.

Dog Assassin

A young grocery bagger makes extra cash on the side—but when he meets a young woman, his world turns upside down. DA is a tale of spiritual redemption and love.

Dog Assassin is available in two versions: the straight play and the musical version.

I directed the world premiere of the musical in 2012, and would to see someone else take it on as a project.

2020: In the Year of Perfect Vision

In 1985, my friend Fred Birk and I wrote this play about the year 2020. We got a few things wrong (like a pandemic) but it still works as a tribute to friendship. Read the play or watch a video of a staged reading: part 1, part 2, and part 3.

Here’s To California!

I wrote H2C! in 1984, prior to actually moving to California for my PhD. As a result, some of the material is based more on media dealing with the Golden State rather than my personal experiences. Read the play here.

3 Succubi

A trio of monologues that present the stories of three men who had been through some sort of abduction experience, but not always an abduction by aliens. We read of a Shaman who encountered a Water Spirit, an Internet Surfer with a Cyberlover, and an Average Man with (well, there had to be some in there somewhere!) a host of Grey Aliens. Each man discusses his experience and its result.

A filmed version is also available on youtube.

Virtual Obsession (text coming soon).

Submitted as a for a play contest, this play also works as a web series or full-length film.

Virtual Obsession is the tale of a Professor of Language and Literature who, in the course of teaching a course on Faust, finds himself in a simulacrum of Goethe’s work. When he becomes involved in an online world, he soon discovers that the woman he thought was his Gretchen turns out to be his Mephistopheles.

Dark Hamlet logo.

Dark Hamlet begins with a man injecting morphine during the “To be or not to be” soliloquy, and the rest of the play is his hallucination. I have the edited script and a video of the second performance on Zoom available.

Laurels from the Red Curtain Good The@ter Festival for Aliens!

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