Alter Egos

Who Else Am I?

There’s a lot about Stephen A. Schrum on this site, but I thought I’d introduce you to my other personalities…

Almost There…

I did some rearranging in the home office, and now have close to my professional mic set-up once again. This is in preparation for more Kid Again episodes as well as the last two episodes of Audio Chimera season 4. I’m currently editing episode 46: “Migration” (about immigration, but of course I range beyond that.)Continue reading “Almost There…”

Cleaning Up/Out

This weekend, I had two dreams about cleaning out my school/campus office. This comes right after I did in fact clean out my most recent campus office. Was it a bittersweet moment leaving it behind? Actually, no; it was just another step towards retirement. Although the actual process of cleaning out my office took severalContinue reading “Cleaning Up/Out”

At Last! A New Episode

I went back to edit today’s post and found this in drafts. So you get two blog posts from me today. In one way, the title refers both to my life and to a new Audio Chimera podcast episode. Having extra time allows for the actual recording and editing of podcasts. I still don’t haveContinue reading “At Last! A New Episode”

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