The Audio Chimera Podcast

Audio Chimera

A subversive podcast taking refuge in The Sanctuary of Allegory about the fragility of memory

How it began…

I began my podcast at the urging of my friend Mike Foster, who called me one day and said, “I have an urgent message for you. You have to make a podcast.” And I thought, when do I have time for that? And what would it be about? And what would I call it? As often happens, when I ask these questions of myself, I usually answer them. In this way Audio Chimera was born. Listen to the First Episode for the specific details.

My idea behind the podcast was “to present memories from my life; but of course, memories can be fragile, and so we try to record them. But who is to say how accurate those memories are at the time of recording?”

The links I am providing are all on iTunes, but you can listen on Spotify, iHeartRadio, and GooglePlay.

When I started Audio Chimera, I also began a WordPress blog to provide some background on the episodes. I had thought of importing them here, but since it’s already in existence (and to save myself some time), I will just link to it here.

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