Steampunk Grim Reaper

I became interested in Steampunk a few years ago. It’s a very theatrical style, and resonated with me, not only because of that, but because I have had a longtime affinity with the Victorian era.

Design Sketch for SPGR

I wrote a Steampunk novel, and also directed two productions using the style: Chemical Imbalance (A Jekyll and Hyde Play) and Birth of Merlin by Shakespeare and Rowley. The latter served as the basis for an article entitled, “Steampunking Shakespeare: Selling an Apocryphal Play with Pop Culture.”

Borrowing some costumes and purchasing my own, I attended several events in Steampunk garb, but: While I thought I looked okay, I still wanted to create my own Steampunk costume. after doing some research, I found no one had done a Steampunk Grim Reaper (other than as an action figure), and so designed my own, using a combination of mask, breather, and Victorian mortician’s hat. I added a black drover’s coat I had had for years, and purchased some goth boots. Add a homemade scythe, and it was done, and ready to visit the con! I even entering my first ever costume contest at the age of 59. (Check out Audio Chimera episode #13 for more.)

There’s also a short video on youtube that describes the making of the costume.

Visiting some robotic pals.
Visiting an old friend.

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